Best Hairstyles for Diamond Shaped Face

Hairstyles for Diamond Shaped Face - A diamond-shaped face has high, wide cheekbones and a narrower forehead and a narrower, sometimes pointed chin. The ideal hairstyle for this face shape makes the cheekbones and Chin and forehead narrower wider. The height must be reduced and a soft look is perfect for the angular facial features.

Britanny Snow Hairstyle
Britanny Snow "Diamond" Face
You avoid best hairstyles with too much height, without bangs and with parted in the middle. These hairstyles make face namely too long. Also the neck and Chin best not exposed. 

Pony - Choose a pony. This can be a broad, wispy bangs are combined with some layers that touch the cheekbones or a wide, side swept bangs that fullness shows forehead and Chin. Also a blunt, straight bang at eyebrow level is good. A pony there too long prevents the face looks. The only you need to watch out for is that you who choose not too short. 

New Pony Hairstyle
Pony Hair

Side parting - A separation in the Middle adds height, what here so not working properly. A side parting is much better, because that provides extra width. 

Side part Hairstyle
Side Part Hairstyle
Volume aside, not top - A haircut with layers or waves and curls that add volume aside provide balance. Hairstyles that out on the sides give a soothing effect to the cheekbones. Optionally, the hair backcombing for even more width. 

Wave Hairstyle
Wave Hairstyle

Short - A short hairstyle with the hair behind the ears or a full, give the proper parts to Chin length bob on graded a diamond shaped face. You choose best not for a shortcut, which adds height without frame the face.

Short Bob Hairstyle
Short Bob Hairstyle

Medium - Cut the hair at shoulder length: on one length or in turbulent, soft layers. So you can create a square and this gives extra width to the face. 

Medium Haircut for Women
Medium Hair

Long - In a long haircut you can create curls at the bottom half using thick rollers or a thick curling iron. Combs and then you coming out with volume. The hair at the top pleases best steep. 

Long Curl Hairstyle
Long with Curl Hair

Updos - Pinned up hair is possible, but with a slight volume at the top. On the sides of the temples and above the cheekbones will do best for volume.

Pin Up Hairstyle
Pin Up Hairstyle

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