Effective Tips for Men who Have Thinning and Balding Hair

Tips for Men who Have Thinning and Balding Hair - Hair Damage such as thinning hair and baldness for some people may come a little early, be it male or female. But no matter what your age when change is slowly happening to you, it will be a daunting experience.

Problem with thinning and balding hair

However, men can never be cautious when in the early days of hair loss. When your hair is constantly lost and then thinning and baldness will eventually occur. For men who wanted to maintain a healthy hair here are some effective tips for you:

Simple and Effective Tips for Men Who Have Thinning and Balding Hair

Choose good nutrition and right food - Choosing good food and healthy for your body also means beneficial to the health of your hair. Type of food eggs, beans, fish, green vegetables, low-fat milk and carrots can strengthen your hair.
Wash the dust and oil that accumulate on the hair - If you are a man who every day dealing with this, it is very important to wash your hair. Because if allowed to accumulate, can cause dandruff and other conditions that can cause hair loss because the scalp will be weak.

Avoid the habit of leaving the rest of the gel or pomade to your hair at night. - Wash it before you go to bed because these residues make a fast growing dandruff and hair becomes weak. And of course, these conditions can negatively affect your scalp.

Do not be too hard when drying your hair with a towel - These habits are usually very often do men, because rubbing the hair in this way will make the hair dry faster, but the assumption was wrong! Because this will only lead to more vulnerable hair loss. The best way to do this is by brushing your hair gently in one direction.
Avoid ponytail hairstyle - If you are one of those men who have long hair, avoid this hairstyle. Indeed, by tying the hair makes you more flexible and comfortable in appearance, but the bad effects by binding to the hair will happen traction on the scalp that makes your hair quickly pulled out, especially if you suffer from alopecia.
Choose a wide-toothed comb hair - using a fine-toothed comb only create and increase the risk of damaging or pulling your hair. Recommended for men to dry hair before combing.

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  1. My dad is having thin and bald hairs and he really needs to read the tips so that he can protect his hairs from damaging more. I am going to recommend this blog to my father.