Hairstyles for Long Hair with Layers

Long hair with layers perfectly suitable applied by women with all body shapes and all face shapes. This makes the hair problems many women become confused in choosing a model where appropriate for her. If you have long hair, you can choose a long hairstyle with layers according to face shape that looks feminine. This hairstyle looks sporty and became the current trends, this is because this hairstyle has also become trend on yearly ago. But with the layers haircut does not mean you are outdated, because the haircut is now back into a trend. Check this 3 best layered hair style for you who have long hair below.

3 Best Hairstyles for Long Hair with Layers

Shaggy Cut Hairstyle

Shaggy Cut Long Hair with Layers
Shaggy Cut

To get a trendy layered haircut and the best style, you can choose a shaggy cut that looks more beautiful. This hair cut will look different layered size with random. This haircut looks charming although without combing. So for those of you who are not too often of combing hair, this is the right choice for you.

Favorite Cut Hairstyle

Favorite layered haircut
Favorite Layered Long Haircut

Women who have these types of wavy, curly, or straight hair it would be very appropriate if applied this layered haircut. Hairstyle in long layers would be very charming if applied by anyone, so you won't have to feel not confident to have long hair because with so many hairstyles, can help you make a better appearance. With a long hairstyle have you also don't need to worry with your face shape, hairstyle with this favorite cut style is definitely can be fit applied to any face shape.

The V Cut Hairstyle

V Layered Haircut
V Cut Layered Hairstyle

This Haircut is very suitable if applied to women who have little body fat. But for you who have a slim body, by applying this haircut can look more attractive again. It had hair long at the back so that on the side looks shorter.

Well, some long haircut with layered above now be good choice for women, if you are interested you can applying it.

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