Hair Video Tutorial : 3 Minute Updo for Short Hair

3 Minute Updo for Short Hair - Updos are usually created and tested on long hair, this does not cover the possibility for you to do it for short hair. Short hair can actually be in modifications in different styles. Things to note is through the perspective of long hair short like on the bottom jaw up to the top of the ear.

Updo for Short Hair Tutorial

This time we're giving you a reference video tutorials how to do easy updo hairstyles for short hair in just 3 minutes. Updo short hair style basically can looks interesting. By simply using the "teasing comb" and some "bobby pins" you can do easily style. For those of you who want to try please see the video below :

 Tutorial from : cutesygirl09 on YouTube

Need to know make updo for short hair would be easier than to try it out than long hair. This is because short hair is more easily in the treatment and of course easy to stylize.

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