Long Hair Care Tips For Men

Long Hair Care Tips For Men
Chris Martin
Men usually synonymous with short hair, while women are identical in length hair, but the current trend of long hair on men still exist until now. Long hair models must stay healthy men maintained, and should not be less beautiful woman with hair in treatment. For some men, perhaps hairstyle with a short standard model, in addition to practical also more formal and polite, especially office workers.

On the other hand, there are also some men who love stylish appearance with long hair. But if treatment is complicated and must be diligent to the salon like women? Hell No! As long as you are diligent in treating hair with proper care at home, the length of your hair to stay awake and make you look interesting nonetheless. The initial step for hair care, either male or female tenetu just by choosing the right shampoo. Know in advance the type of your hair, including hair is normal, dry or oily.

Then there are a few tips from your-hair-style.blogspot.com about men who have long hair below :

1. Tying Hair

Hair tie is intended that does not interfere with the current work, the addition neater also help you avoid the risk of an accident while snagging hair. Tie taste, so that your hair can still breathe.

2. Do not Rubbed

Do not try to rub your hair to dry because by rubbing either by hand or towel because it will make the hair dry, damaged and cracked. Just let your hair dry naturally. Wipe your wet hair in moderation, do not be too hard and long.

3. Use With Care Chemicals Moderation

When you require treatment with chemicals, like-conditioner use in moderation, not too often so that your hair is not easily damaged.

4. Avoid excessive combing or brushing.

Little comb just to straighten your hair is not a problem, but you should not overdo the number of brush strokes, due to excessive brushing can actually damage your hair.

5. Try wax or styling gel

Wax or styling gel is sometimes referred to as hair oil, to help organize your hairstyle. Short hair can often be left in any position, but long hair will often require the help of styling products to achieve whatever hairstyle you want to have.

Those are some important points simple tips on men's long hair care, even if you are the men who have long hair, certainly not to be outdone by the women in terms of treatment, because the hair is a crown in your appearance, keep stylish guys ! and dont forget to see another hair tips for men : Some Important Points for Men Hair Care

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