How to Grow Hair Faster and Longer

How to Grow Hair Faster and Longer - You want a long, sensual and hair shiny and healthy? For many it is not easy, but following this mini-guide, with the right treatment and the necessary precautions, the dream can become reality.
A long, flowing hair, but mostly healthy, is the dream of every girl. Maybe because we are more free to change hairstyle daily for look differently or perhaps because we are aware of the degree of seduction that long hair can bring. Just get to the finish line long hair is not easy, it is important to treat them properly, but at the same time it is very useful to follow some tips from your hairstyle! to grow hair in the right way.

How to Grow Hair Faster and Longer

Easy Tips to Grow Hair Faster and Longer

1. Prepare Hair Growth

For a good preparation for hair growth, we mean primarily the Elimination of split ends and dry ends in General. Maybe this question seems like a paradox, but there is no way to reassemble the split ends and hair is anyway destined to become one. Then take a clean cut and wait !

2. Trim Your Hair on a Regular Basis

So they return to the pesky split ends, and to ensure that hair does not break easily, you have to give vitamins at least once every two months, or even less if your hair grows fast. So, if you don't cut them, there are split ends and hair break too, so might as well cut your hair of your initiative.

3. Avoid thermal shocks

Of course we refer to hair straightness, and even the hair dryer which, if used too aggressively, it causes the same damage to the soleplate. And there's nothing we can use to prevent this: the use of oils or specially created foams used to very little.

4. Avoid Chemical Treatments

Hue, ironing and provide you permanent for sure a lot of split ends. Your hair to absorb man-made substances will certainly not benefit the health of the stem, which will lose tone and it will ruin.

5. Choose the Right Food

Hair reflects like a mirror our food habit, and if we choose good food, hair will therefore shine and strength. So be careful to make a balanced diet, making sure the right concentration of vitamins and minerals daily. Supplements are also useful, especially when taken in autumn and spring.

6. Choose the Right Shampoo

Shampooing should be strictly bio, right for your hair type, based on the fact of them fat, dry or normal. Shampooing should be diluted before being put in contact with your head. After washing, rinse well and finish off with a jet of cold water that closes the scales and prevents split ends.

7. Feed Your Hair

The hair must be fed, just as you do with your skin. This operation is done using a nourishing mask once a week and using every wash, a balm rich in nutrients. In addition, every time, before drying, make the leave-in applying two drops of oil on the tips to not to dry out.

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