Avoid These 5 Things for You That Has Black Hair

Proper hair care is very important for curly hair, frizzy hair and black hair. Ladies, this I present to you the 5 habits that we especially shouldn't do if we want to grow our hair long. However, I confess that I too often am guilty of these practices.
Black Hair

1. Wash Your Hair Too Often

Black hair during a wash your hair often soaping washed and/or too many washes. If you wash your hair too often, the natural hair oils often removes, making hair can be dry. This works especially in your disadvantage of frizzy hair. Removing natural oils you can, of course, already reduced by a sulfate-free shampoo to use. However, even if you wash too often with a sulfate free shampoo, it may be that your natural oils (called a lot slower) off washes and experiencing dry hair. Now, of course, it is not intended that you never wash your hair and runs around with dirty hair. But try washing hair to reduce to once a week or once every two weeks, depending on your hair type, how quickly your hair is dirty and your own habits and lifestyle. Do you like this but a dirty idea and do you want to wash your hair more frequently than once a week anyway? Try making your hair between by washing with a conditioner. Often is the use of water and a conditioner can wash away dirt enough to minimum? So keep your still a clean feeling, without you lose its natural oils.

2. The (over) Use of Heat Tools

Heat tools of hairdryers, curling irons to most dark women are addicted to one of these heat sources. The use (read misuse) of these tools may cause dryness of the hair and split ends. This can be especially annoying to frizzy hair. When you use a heat source, turn it not on the highest setting. Instead, try with the low or medium mode to your hair to style. In any case never use a temperature higher than 180 ° c. Keep when styling also take into account the thickness of your hair. Fine to medium hair should always be styled with the low or medium setting. Only thick to very thick (or coarse) her have really need heat and can best be styled with a higher position. In addition to paying attention to the State of your heat source, it is important to protect your hair against the heat. Therefore, always use a protective spray, cream or lotion before you your hair straighten hair. Be prepared that these protective products contain silicone. Non-soluble silicone can only be removed with a shampoo that contains sulfates!

3. Addicted to Styling Products

styling products

I confess that I too once was addicted to styling products. Gel, mousse and hair spray, I used everything (sometimes even by each other) just to make sure that those little hairs went flat and not up again during the day curls. Styling products are indeed great to regain control of your own to get her. In addition, they help the hair more volume or extra shine. However, when you use too much styling products too often, they can work against you. Thus, they can weigh down the hair and fat or sticky or give an unnatural texture. In addition, many products add nothing to the health of your hair and they remain on the surface of the hair and scalp is. This allows skin and hair no longer breathe, no moisture and nutrients and excreting waste. When you do not wash your hair styling products and becoming a new layer makes remains, it may attract even more dirt and at worst a breeding ground for bacteria forms.

4. Skip Trims

Each dark woman knows that we do not like to go to the hairdresser. Because many of us struggle to grow the hair long, it seems the skipping of a haircut is a good way to increase the chances of long hair. However, scientists and experts agree that the hair should be trimmed every six to eight weeks, depending on the hair type and hair habits. Just remember that your points are the oldest part of your hair. Because they have had too much time with time, they become damaged and they can even split. It is important that damaged and split ends are cut off.

5. Divide and Conquer

We recognize it all. By a busy life, we do not have much time for our hair. But ladies, do yourself a favor and take some time for your hair. For the best hair care and hair styling, make your partitions in the hair. The number of sections that you need depends on your hair type, hair thickness and its density. I myself always divide my hair in four sections, since a large part of the venues yet she exists. But because my hair is naturally very thick and much is, I'll have to go make more sections throughout my transitioning. Decide for you what you the finest find. You notice that four sections are not enough, try six or eight. You might ask your hairdresser for advice or able to watch how many sections there well be made on, or dealing with your hair during styling. Eventually applies to everyone the same: proper care and styling start making neat sections. Treat the hair by section, by bottom to start and work your way up. Use clips during the process, rubber bands or pins to keep the other sections apart, when you are working with one.

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